Hogged cunt. 

Little piggie cunt.

Eric Caine´s exellent work

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33’s Test from insex 2004-10-20

Love this.

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Anonymous said: Would like to see blond schoolgirl gagged with tape in uniform tied up please. Thank you

I will have to have a look at what I can find.

Just have to love Jim Hunter´s style


It’s a date! Just come get me.

What an invitation

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If you think this is bad - watch what we do to your daughter……………….

And here she is, getting ready for her brutal torture

smithinjules said: How would you gag a girl to keep her completely silent?

Good question, but probably impossible in reality. But I will have a go…..

Wrap a length of narrow electrical tape round her head, pulling it tight and as deeep as possible into her mouth. Then stuff her knickers into the taped mouth, making sure they go all the way in. The narrow tape will stop her choking. Then wrap some wider duct tape over her stuffed mouth, and wrap it round her head several times until her mouth is completely sealed. That should keep her somewhat quieter….

Barbed Wire

I wonder if there´s anyone out there who would like to be bound and gagged to a tree with barbed wire, then be forced to struggle till they bleed?

I don´t think I could´ve made that tape gag any tighter……..or….?

She pissed me off so much that not only did I gag her hard, I just had ti wire up her tits too…..

Yes, I´m gonna chuck you in the pool next! Can you swim? he he he

Two more bimbos caught by their evil uncle…

Get ready for your spanking you misbehaving little bimbos

degradingstories said: Love ur blog

Thank you :)

gag-me-please said: I love your blog!

Thank you. I really must update it soon. Would you like me to gag you sometime?