My wife being whipped. Enjoy. Submitted froma follower. Thank you very much :)

A request for a follower who wanted some mummification bondage, Hope you like :)

A pretty mouth is a roped up mouth :)

Spring is in the air - Time for a picnic ladies……a bondage picnic

I do think that tight wrap-around tape gags are soooo effective

Now this what zipties are made for….he he he

My idea of a perfect first date with a new girlfriend. Isnt she pretty?

I dont think they´ll be coming back home for a while………he he he

My step sisters pissed me off, so  I had  them kidnapped

And then I got carried away, and really made her gag as intense as I could

So I thought I´d fill her mouth up………….

Kidnapped for me to practice my gagging on

Anonymous said: I wanted to ask you when you will be updating your blog because its been quite a while and please pictures of mummified and gagged girls.

Yes it has been a while. I have had computer problems, but all should be ok soon

Anonymous said: new bound gaged women danger

Great! Where????

Anonymous said: post/27643517881/ Uhm what in the ever loving fuck? That is a child. Sent an email to abuse@tumblr, hope you get deleted and possibly arrested. That'd be great, you fucking sicko.

Dont be silly. All the pictures I post are from websites, with their web address showing. All models are paid and have proof they are over 18, the websites have proof on record. Or are you suggesting that a consenting 18 year old is a child??????